Application of text mining techniques for frame analysis: identifying the textual framing of immigration in the press


The growing availability of online information highlights the need of techniques for the study of large volumes of textual data. This paper examines some possibilities of automatic techniques for textual analysis (text mining) to the field of social sciences and, specifically, to communications studies. In this manuscript, we present a case study to show in an applied manner how these methods and techniques for text analysis can be used for automatic content-characterization and description of textual framing in newspaper articles.

Estudios sobre el Mensaje Periodístico
Javier Alvarez-Galvez
Senior Research Fellow (Ramon & Cajal)

PhD by the Complutense University of Madrid. Currently I am working as Ramón y Cajal Research Fellow in the Department of Biomedicine, Biotechnology and Public Health at the University of Cadiz. I have experience teaching courses related with statistics, quantitative methods, multivariate analysis, data analysis and sociology. My main research interests are related with quantitative research methods, social/health systems, social determinants of health, and sociology.